06 March 2013

Hi Karen, and all the ‘extended Tsylos family’,

It seems a pleasant dream ago that Joy and I spent one of our holidays of a lifetime with you. The riding, fishing and weather all combined for a perfect week that we’ve talked about endlessly since our return to a rain-drenched England!

When I remember Tsylos it’s for the river, lake and mountains that blended perfectly together to give us, as brief passers-by, a glimpse of your father’s vision for a lodge. It was certainly a privilege to have him escort us up the lake to see ‘his’ country. Dave made the most of the riding experience and I found Pierrot a delight to be in the company of, we had some superb fishing – ‘awesome’ as he said each time I landed a big trout! Seeing such a tiny part of BC and all the wildlife it displayed for us at every turn was just magic –Do extend our warmest wishes to your folks, Pierrot, Josh, Dave, Marie…..the horses, dogs etc which all came together to give us a fantastic memory. With fondest regards from us both.   Chris & Joy Bradley UK  2012