16 January 2012

This is a fantastic picture taken by Josh during one of our Grizzly Bear Photography trips.  This photograph clearly identifies this bear as being a Grizzly Bear. The large hump of muscle and fat on the grizzly's shoulders easily identifies this. The large muscle is used for digging roots, flipping large boulders, or other large objects; Black Bear do not have the large hump.

You cannot identify a Grizzly Bear from a Black Bear by color alone. I have seen pitch black Grizzly Bears and brown Black Bears.  A Grizzly Bears shaggy fur comes in many colors, black, cinnamon, red, blond, or a mixture of these colors.  

The grizzly bear gets its name from the light-tipped guard hairs that give them a "grizzled" look. They are sometimes called a “Silver Tip Grizzly”.

A Grizzly Bear has very large and obvious claws. The claw marks are also apparent in the tracks they leave behind. A Black Bears claws are small, less obvious in their tracks.

These animals are so incredible to see in their natural habitat.