06 March 2013

Sage Fly Rod Review

As a business owner I always appreciate when guests take their time and write a testimonial about their river fly fishing trip to Tsylos Park Lodge. I thought I would reciprocate the favor to the other businesses that I have worked with over the years.

In the coming months I will be posting reviews about some of the best companies and products that we use year after year. Sage Fly Rods are first in a series.  read more

Being a wilderness lodge that caters to fly fishers from around the world we want to provide our guests excellent equipment to use while they are enjoying their fly fishing trip. We always keep 10-12 extra fly rods and reels ready for use as backup in case their rods break.  In the event one of the fly fishing group is new to the art of fly fishing, they can use one of our rods prior to purchasing a lot of equipment.

We always appreciate purchasing products that stand up to the test of time and multiple users. .

We have had many rods arrive at the lodge over the years from Scott, Orvis, Sage, and multiple other rods. They are all great rods and reels. Our choice years ago for our lodge fly rod stock was Sage.

It was a great choice for the quality, durability, and warranty of Sage over the last 30 years.

This testimonial is not about a specific fly rod or reel. All of the Sage products that we have used and fly fishing guests bring to the lodge have all been excellent choices.  This is specifically about Sage the company and the consistent service and the backup of their products we have experienced over the last thirty years.

No matter how great a fly rod, they do break (Hopefully not when you have a beautiful wild bow at the end of your line.). People drop them in the river, step on them getting into the boat, catching the tip on a tree in a back cast, or anyone of a hundred different ways. This is where Sage customer service and the backup of their product come in.

If we do get a broken rod during the season, we pack up the broken rod and ship it to Sage. A couple of weeks later the rod is returned good as new and ready to go. The service is simple, consistent, and easy over the last thirty years.

I would just like to say to Sage Fly Rods a large THANK YOU for taking such good care of me as your customer, so I can take good care of my guests and their fly fishing trips…

To a spectacular fly fishing season in 2013! Tight lines and big bows!!!!!!!

Karen McLean

Tsylos Park Lodge

British Columbia, Canada