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A Chilko River Ermine

12 March 2012

Ermine, (Mustela eminea)

This little Ermine came to visit our front deck. It looks pretty cute, even a little cuddly.  Don’t be fooled by its size, they are bold, curious, and are quite ferocious.

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Photographers on A Misty Morning

02 March 2012

Wildlife Photographers

  This photo is a beautiful shot of the photographers floating the river in the cool of the morning while on a Grizzly Bear Photography trip.  " "

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Karen and Bud Go Fly Fishing

13 February 2012



Karen and Bud Go Fishing – A Fish Tale

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Acoustic Tagging Chilko Sockeye

13 February 2012

Acoustic Tagging of Chilko Sockeye Salmon Smolt

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Identifying a Grizzly Bear

16 January 2012

This is a fantastic picture taken by Josh during one of our Grizzly Bear Photography trips.  This photograph clearly identifies this bear as being a Grizzly Bear. The large hump of muscle and fat on the grizzly's shoulders easily identifies this. The large muscle is used for digging roots, flipping large boulders, or other large objects; Black Bear do not have the large hump.

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Latest Guest Testimonial

07 January 2012

Chilko River Rainbow Trout

Hi Karen, 

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Happy Thanksgiving from Chilko Lake

23 November 2011

Tsylos Park Lodge Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving and Hello from Canada!

I just wanted to send you our sincere thoughts and kind wishes for you and your family to enjoy and share many blessings. 

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In Honour of our Veterans

11 November 2011


This is in honor of  the veterans, who sacrificed a part of their lives, or their life, protecting the freedoms of our nations.

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