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The Seasons at Chilko Lake, British Columbia

From the tall, majestic mountains to lush forests to the rushing river, the seasons of Chilko Lake, British Columbia are always amazing to behold. Each season brings its own particurlar beauty. Here's a little recap of each season, but really, you have to see it to believe it!

Spring—A New Beginning 

Spring is a burst of new energy and the warmth of the sun. It is new vibrant colours from the first blade of green grass, to the budding of a new leaf, crisp blue skies, and snow-capped peaks.

With the spring the river gains in size and large migrations of Sockeye Salmon fry and smolt take place. With a billion one-year old Sockeye heading to the Pacific Ocean and billions of minute fry hatching and making their way to Chilko Lake, the Rainbow Trout and Bull Trout congregate in the river for a feast.

Steelhead are spotted spawning in the shallows and leaping out of the Chilko River to have a look around. Wild roses and Sunflowers are starting to bloom on the side hills, giving the land more and more colour.


Summer—Warmth and Beauty

Summertime means big hatches, blue skies, warm days, alpine trips and wildflowers. Dry fly fishing on the river starts and the laughter can be heard echoing from the river or from the trail where the riders are cantering through the trees along the water. Life does not get any better than this!

Indian Summer—"When the River Turns Red"

Indian Summer in September and October is a very special time of year at Chilko. It is an explosion of autumn colours, an abundance of wildlife, and an orchestra of sounds. With the changing seasons the Sockeye & Chinook salmon return in vast numbers, spawning on the river and lake.

With the returning of the salmon the Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Herons, Ducks, Ospreys, and other wildlife migrate to the river and lake to feast on the salmon.  This is a wonderful time to visit Tsylos Park Lodge!

Winter—A Time to Rest

Soft falling snowflakes bury the earth and silence falls within our valley. The Trumpeter Swans move into Chilko and add their grace and beauty to the splendor of the frozen land. Only the running water of Chilko River reminds us of earlier times, and the seasons to come.

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