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Conservation of the Chilko Area

Canada Chilko Area Fly Fishing Trip. British Columbia Fly Fishing

Canada Chilko Area Fly Fishing Trip

As people yearn for a return to simpler times, Canada fishing trips are becoming ever more popular. You can book a Canada fly fishing trip at Tsylos Lodge for the adventure vacation of a lifetime. Located in British Columbia, fly fishing packages are one of our biggest draws and bring in people from all over the world to our rustic resort. One of the reasons our Canada fishing trips are so special is because of how well we’ve taken care of the Chilko area around us.

The Chilko area has provided us with our livelihood and gorgeous surroundings to enjoy every day. You can come back year after year for a Canada fly fishing trip at Tsylos and notice how little the area has changed. We are conscious of limiting our footprint in the Chilko area, and that includes using a catch and release method on our Canada fishing trips.

During a Canada fly fishing trip at Tsylos you can catch all the fish you want, then you’ll need to return them to their natural habitat. Don’t worry, though – our guides are happy to snap a quick photo when you land a particularly big trout, so you’ll have a souvenir to proudly display on your wall.

Book your Canada fly fishing trip with Tsylos Lodge and be prepared for the adventure of your life. No other experience in your life will ever compare with the wonder of the Chilko area and the lovely Coast Mountains. Check out our website for rates and availability and start planning your journey today!