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Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures

P.O. Box 2560, Williams Lake,
British Columbia, Canada V2G 4P2
tel: 1.250.483.4368
Toll-free: 1.800.487.9567

Enjoy Prime Trophy Trout Fishing on Chilko River

Are you looking for some of the best trout fishing in the world? Come to the biggest and highest fresh water lake in North America, Chilko Lake! Experienced anglers trying to find a world class trophy trout fishing spot as well as beginners wanting to relax at a beautiful fishing resort will find great experiences and beautiful fish in the waters of Chilko River and Chilko Lake! Serenity on the water can be found in the pristine glacier fed waters of the Chilko system. This is a place where you can leave your cares behind and truly enjoy yourself and nature, as well as some pretty amazing rainbow trout fishing!

Tsylos Park Lodge and Adventures is one of the most extraordinary of the trout fishing resorts that Canada has to offer. You will find a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, experienced guides, and wonderful food and drink on a fishing vacation with us! Set among the awe-inspiring vistas of British Columbia, our lodge is the perfect place to unwind, and there is plenty of fun and adventure to be had! Come and try the amazing  trout fishing in the nearby lake and rivers, or just spend a relaxing day floating down the river enjoying the peacefulness of your surroundings.

Chilko Lake and Chilko River are full of wild rainbow trout, salmon of all kinds, and even bull trout, otherwise known as Dolly Varden. You can fish while you drift or float down the river or from the many banks, beaches, and outcroppings along the way. Everywhere you look you will find some of the best views nature has to offer. The river is clean and natural, and never stocked. The fish are plentiful and wild, making this a prime spot to find that trophy trout you’ve been dreaming of or just relax on a stress free fishing vacation.

If you’ve never fished before but want to try it out, don’t worry! All of our fishing packages come with guides to help you along the way, drive the boats, and provide you with delicious meals. As amazing as rainbow trout fishing on Chilko River is, we know that there’s a chance that not everyone in your party will enjoy it. We aren’t just a fly fishing resort and that’s why we offer many other activities and adventures for those who prefer not to get out on the water. Try out one of our grizzly bear viewing tours or a horseback excursion into the mountains for a truly wonderful taste of the wilds of British Columbia!

At the end of a long day adventuring or trophy trout fishing, Tsylos Park lodge is the picture of comfort and welcome. Enjoy communal dinners and great conversation with your hosts, guides, and the other guests or just relax by the fire or in the hot tub. You can trade fish tales with the other anglers or hear about the latest grizzly spotting; either way you are sure to go home with friends and wonderful memories! Check out package availability  and rates online or by phone by calling 1-800-487-9567 today!