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Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures

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Go Horseback Riding For the Holidays

Horseback Pack Trips. Canada BC Horseback Riding Holidays

Horseback Pack Trips.

Most people spend the summer holidays doing the same things they’ve always done, whether it’s backyard barbecue or time at the beach. Why not set a new tradition for your summer holidays with horseback pack trips through the Chilko Mountains of British Columbia?

Tsylos Park Lodge offers unique vacation packages featuring week-long horseback riding holidays as well as horseback pack trips (our pack trips are a different experience, it’s a more rugged ride and you camp out on the mountain.) 

Both packages allow you to explore the alpine terrain of the Chilkos. If you love to ride horses and love to explore miles of untouched wilderness, Tsylos’s horseback riding vacation packages are what you are looking for.

Our lodge horseback riding trips set off every day from the stables at Tsylos Park Lodge. You get to enjoy several hours of riding at varying gates, from walking to a fast trot or canter through our well-plotted trails. Practice and even challenge your horseback riding skills within the fun small group environment and leadership of an experienced guide.

Our horseback pack trips are perfect for adult singles or couples who have at least minimal horseback riding experience and want to experience the trails without having to come back to the lodge every night.  Our pack horses allow you to take everything you need with you to set up camp for the night high in the mountains, where you can sip wine by the fire and sleep under the stars.

Both types of horseback riding holidays featured at Tyslos Park Lodge allow you to relax and unwind from your busy routine, free from electronics and close to nature and animals. In addition to riding, you’ll get to hike, canoe, play in the lake, relax in the beauty of nature, and spot exotic wildlife.

If you’re tired of vacations where you don’t really do anything, spend some time on the trail with adventurous horseback riding holidays. You can also combine lodge horseback riding with horseback pack trips for an even greater horseback riding experience. If you want more variety to your trip, try an adventure variety trip and fit in some fly fishing and other outdoor activities along with horseback riding.

Whatever your preferences, as long as you enjoy the great outdoors, you are sure to love Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures for exciting horseback riding holidays. Our available trips range from early June to late September, so call us and book your vacation today.