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Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures

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British Columbia, Canada V2G 4P2
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Grizzly Bear Viewing & Photography Trips

Grizzly Bear Photography Trips

There is no more pure symbol of the Canadian wilderness than the grizzly bear and to see and photograph it in its natural habitat is an awe-inspiring experience.  These trips let you get up close and personal, well not to personal, but enough for you to get great wildlife photographs and experience the pure beauty and magic of these spectacular animals in their natural habitat.

Why is this area so great for the Grizzly Bear Photography? We are lucky to be located in an area that naturally attracts all of the Grizzly Bears on the Chilcotin Plateau. They travel here in the fall time to feed on the Sockeye salmon who have returned to the river to spawn. This is one of the most spectacular times of year to witness natures ending and renewal.   

The Chilko area is a photographer’s paradise. Known for its stunning beauty and many different species of wildlife, it offers you the perfect spot to shoot to your heart’s content. While we are out looking for Grizzly Bears there are other spectacular landscape and wildlife shots to take from Eagles, Osprey, ducks, geese, Mule Deer, Black Bear, salmon, and spectacular landscape shots. Every where you look, it's beautiful! 

We offer you experienced wilderness guides for each three photographers. Your guide can position you for that perfect photo shoot; all you have to do is focus on the wildlife and getting the million dollar shot.  

Our intimate log lodge over looks the river, its the perfect location, easy to get too, but far from the crowds!  If this is capturing your interest read on about What you do on the Trip.