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Mountain Horseback Pack Trip Riding FAQ's

We want you to have a great experience here at Tsylos and to help you prepare for your adventure, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Wilderness Mountain Horse Pack trips at Tsylos Park Lodge.

What is a wilderness horse pack trip?

A wilderness horse pack trip is an Adventure! You travel by horseback each day and camp out in the wilderness each night. All equipment and food is packed and carried by pack horses. Meals are cooked over an open fire. Horses are hobbled or staked out on sweet mountain grasses. Our Pack Trip is for the adventurous type. It is a 7-night trip, the first and last night are on the lodge property overlooking the Chilko River and the other 5 nights are spent in the alpine. You will explore valleys that few have even seen. We move our camps by the aid of packhorses. A guide and a cook will accompany you.

How many nights are the pack trips? 

Our seven night pack trip is from Sunday to Sunday. You fly from Vancouver BC to Tsylos Park Lodge. The first night you camp at the lodge and on Monday morning you pack up and head to the mountains. You will be out on the trip from Monday to Saturday. On Saturday you return to the lodge camp for the night and catch the plane Sunday morning to return to Vancouver. Or you can also join us for an additional week on another pack trip to a different area or at the lodge for a lodge horseback riding vacation or a seven night fly fishing vacation. 

What are the group sizes like?

Our Pack Trips take between 4-10 guests with two guides. 

Can a beginner rider join this trip?

The Goat Camp Trip offers the ability of novice riders to join us, but we recommend that you have basic horseback riding skills and if you dont, for your own confidence and safety we recommend taking lessons prior to your taking the trip . You should be able to easily mount and dismount your horse, turn, stop, and be able to keep your seat at a walk or trot. Most of our guests are experienced horse people at some point in their life, but this trip is a slower pace due to the terrain and packhorses. We are very good at matching you up with the right horse and you really should take some riding lessons before, just to be comfortable in the saddle.

Can I come as a single?

Yes. The Pack Trip is great for singles. There is no single supplement (extra $) on this trip for single travelers. Also, due to the nature of this trip, everyone feels apart of the group and regardless if you are coming with friends, spouses, partners or is always great for everyone!

Do you take children on the Pack Trips?

Our wilderness pack trips are adult oriented so children should be above 16, keen, and be able to handle their horse. 

When do you operate the pack trips?

We operate our pack trips in July and August at the optimal time in the mountains of British Columbia for weather, water, and grass conditions.

How many hours do we ride during the day?

The Potato Range trip averages 5-6 hours per day. The Goat Camp trip averages 4-5 hours per day except the first day of the trip which is about 10 hours.On the Goat Camp trip there is two days that you could sit out and one day on the Potato Range Trip if you decide you need a day out of the saddle. You most likely will not want to though.

What do I wear on these trips?

Whatever is comfortable. Ideally bring: riding pants (jeans or jodpurs), long-sleeve shirts, layered clothing, cowboy hat or riding helmet, riding boots and a rain suit to tie onto your saddle. We will send you a list of clothing to bring after reserving the dates.

What are the sleeping accommodations like?

We use two person dome tents for sleeping with a mattress pad or if you are adventurous you can also sleep out under the stars. We do not supply sleeping bags. Although we do have some extra ones if you should need one. There is no "light pollution" on our wilderness pack trips so the star gazing is spectacular.

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