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Horseback Riding Level & Group Sizes

Most of our guests have been experienced horse riders at some point in their lives, and due to the mountain terrain, the amount of cantering is limited. Wilderness Trips are a physical experience and can be demanding.  All riders need to be able to easily get on and off their horses, walk, trot, and preferably canter, as well as physically hike.  

We have had many beginner riders join these trips and by the end of the trip they will be pretty comfortable on the back of a horse. However if you are a beginner rider we strongly suggest for your safety, the safety of your horse and other riders, you take some riding lesson before, just to be comfortable in the saddle.  For beginner riders we would recommend the Goat Camp Trip as the Potato Range trip canters the last couple of days.

For the duration of the trip we normally ride between 4-6 hours in the saddle per day. On the Goat Camp trip, there is two days that you could sit out and one day on the Potato Range Trip. You most likely will not want to though.

Group Sizes on Mountain Pack Trips

Our Pack Trips take a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10.These trips are orientated more for adults and it is best if all riders are above 16.

The pack trips are great for singles. There is no single supplement (extra $) on this trip for single travelers. Also, due to the nature of this trip, everyone feels part of the group and whether coming with friends, spouses, partners or is always great for everyone!

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