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Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures

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British Columbia, Canada V2G 4P2
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What Our Guests Say...

Hi Karen,

So I am sitting at my desk staring straight ahead and daydreaming that I am STILL, riding  on DIGGER, in the lake, on the boat or just sitting at the lodge deck with a glass of something in my hand…listening to Murielle tell us about the time she killed a lion and a water buffalo with her bare hands!   I am sure you hear this all the time, but last week was one of the best of my life.  I so needed the outdoors to restore, relax and reconnect with my best friend.  Little did I know that in addition to that great bounty, I also got to meet some wonderful, amazing, smart, fun people from all over the world, but especially the people of Tsylos Lodge.  

Kathy Stirling San Francisco, CA USA 2012

Horseback Riding Vacations for Best Friend Trip

Dear Karen,

I wanted to take a moment to write you and say "Thank You!" so much.....for everything!

 We had such a wonderful experience last week and I cannot say enough good things about your lodge.  You made the trip incredibly special for us and I will not soon forget this vacation. I'm not sure I ever told you, but this trip was a trip of a lifetime for me. It was something I had planned for myself for over 7 years and I was finally able to say "let's do it." It took some time to convince myself but I finally came to understand there will never be a time when it's convenient, when it's affordable or when the timing is perfect. It's more important to simply - make it happen. 

With that being said, there are a lot of expectations that go along with a decision like this and I must say, you and your team did not disappoint! I could not have asked for more. From the food, to the service, to the genuine hospitality, it all came together beautifully. Throw in some spectacular scenery, awesome wildlife, adventurous riding and there's nothing more one could ask for. Thank you so much for making our week so special!

Thanks again for everything and hope to hear from you sometime soon.


Angela Wilcox

Principal AMW Marketing

twitter: @amw-marketing


Angela Wilcox

Fly Fishing and Horseback Riding Vacation

Hi Karen, and all the ‘extended Tsylos family’,

It seems a pleasant dream ago that Joy and I spent one of our holidays of a lifetime with you. The riding, fishing and weather all combined for a perfect week that we’ve talked about endlessly since our return to a rain-drenched England!

When I remember Tsylos it’s for the river, lake and mountains that blended perfectly together to give us, as brief passers-by, a glimpse of your father’s vision for a lodge. It was certainly a privilege to have him escort us up the lake to see ‘his’ country. Dave made the most of the riding experience and I found Pierrot a delight to be in the company of, we had some superb fishing – ‘awesome’ as he said each time I landed a big trout! Seeing such a tiny part of BC and all the wildlife it displayed for us at every turn was just magic –Do extend our warmest wishes to your folks, Pierrot, Josh, Dave, Marie…..the horses, dogs etc which all came together to give us a fantastic memory. With fondest regards from us both.  

Chris & Joy Bradley UK 2012

Horseback Riding Vacation

The trip exceeded all expectations. The horses, saddle equipment, accommodations, meals, guide, and the other riders were excellent. I enjoyed riding out every day and the trip exceeded all of my expectations. Keep up the great work and hope to see you soon.

Robert Shuman 2012 Boston USA

Seven Night Horseback Riding Vacation

The Trip was great. The horses, tack, accommodations, meals, the guide and the other riders were all excellent. What I enjoyed the most were the responsive and well trained horses. The canters were the longest of any trail riding trip I have taken--outstanding.

Carol Fuller August 2012 USA

Grizzly Bear photography Trip

We had a wonderful wilderness experience. We always felt safe and secure even though at times we were quite close to the bears. The lodge staff did an excellent job in meeting our needs.


Don Johnson

Grizzly Bear Photography

Awesome trip, exceptional hospitality, amazing wildlife! Highly recommended!

Pat Roque

Wilderness Pack Trips

The scenery rivaled the wilderness mountain rides I did in Zimbabwe. Flowers rivaled the desert in bloom in Namibia. Just a pity it was too cold to sleep under the stars. My horse did everything I asked, when I asked and how I asked for it. Riding was a joy as I was left to ride at my own pace. I love mountain expeditions! Joan Rest UK 2012

Joan Rest UK

Horse Riding Vacation at Tsylos

After many riding trips around the world, we tried one "close-to-home", at Tsylos. This is a fine ride, compares very favorably to many others we have done. Good trails with fine cantering opportunities, good horses and guides, good food and fine accommodations. The mid-week boat trip is a good break and gives us a fine view of the territory we ride in. We went to Tsylos a second time and will probably go again! Karen has set it up so it is easy to get to the lodge from Vancouver, BC - an important feature for us.

Ben Goodman Canada

Lodge Horseback Riding Vacation Guest Review 

I had a brilliant holiday. I loved little Crystal and hope she is surviving the winter and the bears. My holiday was everything I hoped for. I am enjoying riding my own horse western style much more after the holiday. Very best wishes Leona (from Scotland in July)

Leona Scotland

Grizzly Bear Photography Tour

Having the opportunity to watch and photograph numerous grizzlies and other wildlife while staying at Tsylos Lodge is wonderful. It is an amazing and beautiful area. Thanks Tsylos for a warm welcome and a great experience! John Knight 2012

John Knight Canada

Fly Fishing Trip for a Group of Friends

I would say this is the trip of a lifetime - but I sure hope I can come again soon!  Great fishing in a fabulous setting, it is a privilege to be at Tsylos with the great folk there. Derrell Nantze

Derrell Nantze

Fly Fishing Trip for Friends

This for me was a once in a lifetime experience. The accommodations, food, scenery and fishing were all fantastic. Beautiful beyond words! Chuck Burrow USA

Chuck Burrow USA

Tsylos pack trips offer the chance to see scenery that is out of this world. I felt like I was on a movie set most of the time. We had a diverse but great crowd, not too many. The horses and tack were in great order. The camping is fun - who needs modern amenities!! It was one week of totally disconnecting with the world. We started and finished with lovely meals in the lodge - just perfect. My only regret is it is too far away - otherwise I would be going every year. If you are not a princess, love the outdoors and amazing scenery and want to distress this is the holiday for you. Sue Cudmore Australia

Sue Cudmore Australia

Tsylos pack trips offer the chance to see scenery that is out of this world. I felt like I was on a movie set most of the time. We had a diverse but great crowd, not too many. The horses and tack were in great order. The camping is fun - who needs modern amenities!! It was one week of totally disconnecting with the world. We started and finished with lovely meals in the lodge - just perfect. My only regret is it is too far away - otherwise I would be going every year. If you are not a princess, love the outdoors and amazing scenery and want to distress this is the holiday for you. Sue Cudmore Australia

Sue Cudmore Australia

Many people think the fly fishing is the best in British Columbia for size, numbers, and energy and the scenery is breath taking. I have done a lot of fly fishing, but catching large trout on dry flies on the Chilko is a real treat. The whole operation gets an A grade!   Hugh Clark 2012 USA

Hugh Clark USA


Suzanne and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Tsylos. It was the highlight of 2011 for us, and ranks among our all-time best trips. I feel truly fortunate to have experienced the awesome fishing -

I often look back at the pictures from the trip, and long to return to the Chilko River. The only thing that would make it better next time is lower water levels so that I could do more wading!

While I would come back for the fishing alone, I must add that the friendly and attentive staff, the great meals, the beautiful lodge, and the spectacular setting left me wondering - does it get any better? (The 7 days of sunshine was icing on the cake!)

Thanks again Karen. Say hello to Bud and the rest of the folks at Tsylos. We hope to visit again someday soon.

John Ovcacik and Suzanne Rochford 

John Ovcacik and Suzanne Rochford

Hi Karen, Thanks again for our great trip at your wonderful lodge. We hope to be back. 


Barb Eslake


John and I had an absolutely wonderful time at Tsylos.  The riding and fly fishing were both fantastic.  Please pass my thanks again to David for his skilled and patient horse guiding and for sharing his poetry. Thanks as well to Ryan for the awesome food and to all the staff as well as yourself and Bud for making the trip so memorable.  We have been telling all our friends about what a wonderful time we had!

We hope to get the chance to come out to Tsylos again!



Hi Karen

I Just arrive back home last Sunday !

I want again to thank you for all your attention and patience with us. I received very positive feedback from the group.

I am working on an article to be published on our main Horse magazine (I will send you a copy)

I was very impressed with everything there and will strongly recommend your ride.

Best regards to you and Josh

Brazillian Gauchos

Paulo Junqueira Brazil

Hello Karen;

Arrived home quite tired, but remembering our magnificence experience at Tsylos Lodge.  We are missing the Canadian scenery, Bud’s great stories, Pitre’s patience in teaching the art of fly fishing, David’s knowledge of the wilderness and horsemanship, the shared experiences & conversation around the dinner table, and so much more.

We were pleased to be treated as part of the Tsylos Park Lodge family; and greatly miss waking up to the beautiful scenery of snowcapped mountains in the mornings, being greeted by my the horses at the bottom of the stairs, and escorted by the dogs on our walk to a supper breakfast.  What a way to start the day!  Best wishes to everyone at Tsylos Park Lodge.  Happy upcoming Canada Day on July 1st. Enjoy your Canada Day!

Alan & Clara

Alan and Clara USA

Hi Karen and Everyone at Tsylos

I just wanted to say that Kevin, Garth and I had a wonderful trip and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your hospitality. Kevin and I have been doing fly-fishing trips annually across Canada and Alaska for over 10 years and our week with you ranks with the best of anything we have done. We certainly caught plenty of quality fish but the trip will be remembered more for the spectacular scenery, wildlife, hiking, horseback riding and McLean family warmth. If you will put up with us we hope to see you again soon.

Grant MacColl

Grant MacColl Canada

Dear friends of Ts'yl-os

It took me some time to create this web album with our pictures (first time I did this) and I hope it works for you.

We returned safely in Zürich last Saturday after 3 beautiful weeks in Canada. Near Banff we were able to watch a black bear - and he looked quite small compared to our grizzly mom at Ts'yl-os! You'll find her pictures in the album (two times: during lunch near the river and near the lodge).

Ron and I enjoyed the stay at Ts'yl-os so much. We really had the time of our life!

Karen Please forward our regards and thanks to everybody at Ts'yl-os.

Warmest regards and best wishes to all of you,

Sabine & Ron

Sabine and Ron Switzerland

Karen, Josh and Bud,

Thank you for our wonderful few days with you.  Sherrill and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Tsylos.  The Chilko Valley is indeed a beautiful spot, and everyone’s hospitality was wonderful.  Thanksgiving dinner with everyone was a highlight.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Traveling up and down the river by boat past the fall colors was a treat.

Please extend our thanks to the bears of the Chilko Valley, both grizzlies and blacks.  Without their cooperation, we wouldn’t have gotten the many good images that we’ve returned home with.  Sherrill and I will relive our time at Tsylos as we sort through our images, and share them with family and friends.

Take care, and all the best,


John from Alberta

As for the Chilko testimonial, it comes naturally. I can only speak to the first weeks of July, but.... As a result of my geezerhood, my first experience fishing western rivers with a flyrod was the late fifties, and seriously since about 1962 or so. I managed at least a month of wandering in whatever old crate I owned every summer from that time until around 1980 when they had deteriorated so much that I no longer had the fire to spend weeks living out of my trunk to fish them.

The Yellowstone, Gallatin, South fork, Henry's fork, and Big Horn etc. were old friends in those early days, and now I don't even bother. They are getting better, they tell me, but the days when a 3 to 4 pound rainbow on a dry fly was commonplace are gone. And when you do fish them you share the water with a mass of humanity. This isn't just an old coots failing memory, but a genuine, though sad, history.

Which brings me to the Chilko. Except for the years immediately following the fire, the Chilko fishes like the great rivers all used to. Healthy populations of large, mature, vital, and very fit river rainbow trout are a great rarity today, and the Chilko has had them in abundance, especially for the last few years. Even more tantalizing, they aren't just taking drys, but relative small ones. The two best fish I have seen taken in the last two years [24"+] have been taken on size 14ish caddis [darn you Pat Boland] and once they key on the stoneflies the fishing is terrific.

The fish become very aggressive and gullible. That is why this is the ideal river for both the novice, and the codger who wants to relive the early days. In addition, you share the water with a very small number of colleagues. Most days, it's just the guests of the Tsylos Park Lodge on the river, and when others do appear it's very seldom more than one or two. That's the reason that I keep coming back, year after year, and seeing many of the same fanatical faces each time.

The lodge is a comfortable and cozy place, the food is good, and the staff are friendly, competent and enthusiastic, but frankly I'd make this long trip if I were in my own tent and cooking my own food..... the fishing is that good.

Bob Byles, Washington, 2010

We returned to the Chilko River in 2009 for the first time since our wedding trip 43 years ago. What a thrill to find the wilderness permanently protected by the spectacular Tsylos Provincial Park and the McLean family’s warm hospitality preserved at Tsylos Park Lodge. The combination of superb food, breathtaking views, Exquisite accommodations and a friendly, professional staff made for a memorable vacation that requires repeating.

Randy and Leslie Labbe, Portland, Oregon, 2009

Hi Karen and the team at Tsylos. We have returned to a very autumnal Edinburgh after another wonderful holiday with you all at Tsylos. We really did have a great time and thoroughly enjoyed your tremendous hospitality. The welcome and our stay were just as good as we remembered from last year. The horses were again just great - they really are just so good at their job and seem to enjoy it too!!

Our lodging in the Saddle Shed was excellent - we really did have a wonderful view from our room and we enjoyed the space!!! As ever, the meals were absolutely great - many thanks to Josie and Kaylin for all their hard work and expertise. David was a great guide for us with loads of information and an eagle eye for spotting all the wildlife around us - I am sure he commissioned the grizzly and two cubs to appear on the trail for us on our last day!!

Your whole operation at Tsylos is so professional - it is a privilege to be your guest. We hope to visit you all again soon but in the meantime we hope that the winter is kind to you.

Annie and Norrie, 2010

Hi Karen: The trip was absolutely wonderful; I loved your lodge, the people, the food (I can't say enough about the food) and everything else.

Catherine Fox, 2010

We are still coming next year unless we die or have an accident preventing us from coming. The week we spent with you and your staff was one of the best in my life; I am still looking at the pictures I took every day. Leaving was really hard. It's really hard to describe in words how wonderful everything is, the area, your lodge and especially all you folks out there are so very special.

Hendrik Boesch, 2010

Tsylos is a very special place. It draws you back, year after year. We first experienced the many pleasures of a riding holiday with the Mcleans some fifteen years ago, and we have been back almost every year since. The rides are thrilling. Not too many places allow you to canter and gallop these days, but when you ride the roller coaster or the ridge ride along the Chilko River at Tsylos the adrenalin kick is fantastic.
The lodge is cozy and comfortable, the food is delicious and the company is always excellent. What more could you want?

Gwynneth and George Bain, Ireland, 2010