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Protecting the Chilko Lake Area

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/20/2016 - 23:22

Chilko has always taken care of us here at Tsylos Park Lodge.  It has provided us a world of exceptional beauty, our livelihood, and food for ours souls.  Karen takes her role as a steward of the land very seriously.  Her love for Chilko’s wildlife and pristine beauty of the area is easily seen.

Our Lodge and Our Footprint

We operate our wilderness lodge for the benefit of ourselves and our guests, but we understand that we have a large role to play in protecting our spectacular area not simply for our selves, but for our fellow wilderness companions and future generations.

All our policies here at Tsylos work to ensure the continued thriving of all the Chilko habitants like our fat and happy trout or a grizzly bear and her cubs and the area itself, be it the grasslands that feed our horses or the lake where we spend so much time.