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Mountain Goat Hunts

Submitted by admin on Wed, 08/03/2016 - 18:59

These Kings of the Mountains offer one of the most enjoyable and challenging hunts you can ever make.  British Columbia is home to over 50% of the world’s population of mountain goats and our guide area has a very large and healthy population of mature Goats. Our success rates have been near 100% over the past 11 years.

Goats have been taking over 9 inches and some over 10 inches with good heavy bases. Our hunting season starts in September and continues through October. In order to keep the goat population healthy and offer the best opportunity to our hunters we book only 6 goat hunters per year.

Check out the article in the 2006 summer issue of Mountain Hunter about one of our goat hunts.

We offer two different types of hunts for Mountain Goat. Both hunts are exciting, beautiful and have great success. One hunt is by horseback/hiking and the other is by boat/hiking.

Mountain Goat Hiking & Cabin Hunt

You will stay in a remote hunting cabin on Chilko Lake as your base camp. The cabin is a great location for eating and sleeping with hot running water (gravity fed) and beds; with two stoves and a working kitchen.

Set up your spotting scope on the dock or glass the surrounding peaks by boat for that trophy Billy. This is a very successful way to hunt and gives the hunter a lot of flexibility to cover a large area every day. Once your trophy is spotted we hike to get into position.

You must be in excellent physical shape for this hunt as the hiking can take all day. If it is necessary spike camps are set up in the alpine to overnight. Black Bear and world-class Chilko Lake fishing for bulltrout and rainbow is available on this hunt as well.

Mountain Goat Horseback Hunts

Base camps at 6,500 feet accessible by horse...what a way to hunt! Our tent camp is set up in the most scenic alpine valley in BC where goats can normally be seen with the naked eye. From here we use horses to access several different valleys offering an abundance of opportunity for your trophy.

All meals are fresh (no freeze dried here) and will give you plenty of fuel for the hunt. Although we use horses on the hunt hiking is still required. Hunters must be in great physical shape. Mule Deer and Black Bear may be combined with this hunt.

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