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Canadian Horse Riding Adventure at Chilko Lake

Canadian Horse Riding Adventure at Chilko Lake

Horseback Riding Chilko Lake

 The World Visits Tsylos Park Lodge 

I am always amazed how horseback riders from around the world find us in this little bit of paradise at Chilko Lake in British Columbia, Canada. 

Horseback riders who travel the world are always looking for the world’s most beautiful locations to horseback ride.  We are blessed that our lodge and the area we live is considered to be one of them.

I feel privileged to have welcomed people in 2013 from the following countries.









New Zealand







How do they hear about us?

Many of our guests travel the world on the back of a horse. They ride in African, Iceland, France, South America, all over the world. While doing so they meet other riders. These other riders learn about Tsylos from our happy guests who have joined us at Tsylos Park Lodge. 

Who joins us at Tsylos?

Multigenerational Riders, Grandparents, parents  and teenage grandkids.

·         Couples who ride together or one rides or one rides and one loves to fly fish

·         Parents and adult or teenage kids

·         Single Travelers

·         Friends who take time to keep the bond with old friends.

·         Groups of Riders who book the lodge or Pack Trip


Easy to get too, but far from the crowds!

Our air charter flight leaves Vancouver, BC every Sunday morning at 9:30 am. All you have to do is get yourself to Vancouver, BC, by Saturday night. If you want to spend a couple of days in Vancouver prior to your trip to Tsylos, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities worldwide.

How to Make a Reservation? It’s Easy too!

Pick a couple of dates you are considering and how many people

·         Email

·         Pick up the phone and dial Karen at Tsylos 01-250-483-4368 or toll free at 1-800-487-9567

·         Or Book Now click here