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Canadian Horse Riding Adventure at Chilko Lake

Submitted by admin on Tue, 04/08/2014 - 20:42
Posted by Karen McLean

Horseback Riding Chilko Lake

The Benefits of Traveling By Horseback

Exploring the world by horseback is an awesome experience. You get to travel to the worlds most beautiful places and experience it up close and personal on the back of a horse. What could be better then combining the love of horseback riding and the adventure of traveling. You get to travel the world, doing what you love to do. 

You also get to share the experience with other folks who instantly have a shared passion in common, the love of horses, the great outdoors, and the thrill of the adventure of traveling somewhere new.

Horseback riding is multi-generational sport. Regardless if you are 16 or 70, horseback riding crosses all age and gender boundaries.

Families and friends who play together, stay together. Its the perfect vacation for connecting to friends or family, creating shared experiences, great stories, and lasting bonds. The love of riding can be multi-generational, from grandparents, to parents, to grandkids.

For Single Travelers, you are instantly involved with other people who share your love of riding. You don't have to worry about finding things to talk about. Horses usually dominate the conversations.

For friends, what a great way to keep the bonds of friendship over time.

I am always amazed how people find us here in this little bit of paradise. at Chilko Lake.

Many of our guests travel and explore the world on the back of a horse. They are always seeking the most beautiful locations to ride and explore.  We are blessed that our lodge, and the area we live, is considered to be one of those top destinations.

I feel honored to have welcomed people in 2013 from the following countries; Australia, Trinidad, Brazil, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Panama, USA, and last but not least, Canada. Thank you for joining us.