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In Honour of our Veterans

Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/11/2011 - 19:30

This is in honor of  the veterans, who sacrificed a part of their lives, or their life, protecting the freedoms of our nations.

A special honor to my Dad, Lloyd I McLean who served in the Canadian Navy from 1944-1947. My Grandfather Herbert Hoselton in World War One in Germany,  my Uncle Willis Hoselton in World War Two ( Germany) , My Uncle Marvin and Kenneth McLean in world war two in Germany,  My Uncle Charles and James Hoselton in the Korean War, and my Uncle Calvin, US Airforce World War Two, New Guinea, my cousin Gary McLean US Airforce for four years, and  my brother Larry McLean who served four years in the US Army.

THANK you for all you have done, it gives real meaning to the words ':

"stands on guard for thee"