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Chilko Sockeye Super Fish

Chilko Sockeye Super Fish

Mother Nature designs each species to fit perfectly within its own environment.  The Chilko Sockeye Salmon have developed a few characteristics that are directly related to their difficult journey to and from Chilko Lake.  First off, they have extra fat.  This is to...

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Tidbits Adventures at Tsylos Park Lodge

Tidbits Adventures at Tsylos Park Lodge

Tidbits Baby Picture I am very proud to let you know about the book my sister Jane McLean has authored called "Tidbit's Adventures".  It is about a little dog that my sister rescued in San Carlos, Mexico and named Tidbit. Tidbit traveled with my sister from San...

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What About Bud?

I am very happy to say that Bud McLean, my Dad, is recovering nicely.  He has had one tough year, he is still on the road to recovering but it is now just regaining his weight and building his strength back up.  Currently he is recovering in the states, and is looking...

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Spring at Chilko Lake

   Snowflakes falling softly on the past    A river flowing easy, Gentled by winters touch    Swans flying over, Born to travel, Honking for spring    Reach out and touch a star nights, the moon with sometimes a howling presence    Owls hooting encouragement, Deer...

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Trail Horse Spring Tune Up

Trail Horse Spring Tune Up


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