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Chilko River

Chilko River

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Experience One of the Best Fly Fishing Destinations in the World, the Beautiful Chilko River in British Columbia, Canada

Unspoiled Fly Fishing Adventures on British Columbia’s Beautiful Chilko River

If overcrowded “hot spots” aren’t your idea of a fly fishing adventure, set your sights on the fly fishing experience at Tsylos on British Columbia’ Chilko River. Whether you come alone, with the guys, as a family or a corporate outing, you’ll not soon forget the breathtaking beauty, the excellent dry fly action, and strong and healthy Rainbows of the Chilko River. If you can stand to take your eyes off your fly for a moment you may spot bear, moose, mule deer, eagles, osprey or even the elusive wolverine. But don’t glance away too long, you’ll miss the rise of your beautiful trout and all the action.

Chilko River, British Columbia
Eagle Catching Fish

Crystal Clear Waters of the Chilko River

Imagine your perfect big, western trout stream and you’re imagining the Chilko River. The character of the river is punctuated with long, deep pools, riffles, boulder gardens, shelves, structure, white water and braided channels all of which offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities. The river is crystal clear and it’s common to see large trout slowly rising from the river bed to take your fly. The constant flow and temperature of the river maximize insect hatches and the growth of the resident fish. The river flows out of Chilko Lake which acts as a natural filtration system, ensuring consistent water flow and its legendary clarity. The Chilko River then continues north easterly through the Chilcotin plateau and meets the Chilcotin River which, in turn, pours into the mighty Fraser River.

Trophy Rainbows

The Chilko River rainbow trout are 100% wild and native to these waters. They are renowned for their coloration, size, acrobatic fighting prowess and their willingness to rise for large, visible dry flies. It’s not uncommon to be taken deep into your backing and to see your fish torpedo across the surface of the water, cartwheel, jump repeatedly and to snap you off in an explosion of color and heart stopping action.

These stunning Chilko Rainbows grow to healthy sizes due to the large late summer runs of BC Sockeye, Chinook, and Coho salmon, the spring smolt escapement from the lake and the never ending summertime insect hatches make for some of the best trophy trout fly fishing in the world. Be under no illusions that you will encounter wild ‘bows over 20 inches and perhaps that trophy fish of your dreams in the high twenty inch range. A Chilko River fly fishing experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Trophy Rainbow Trout
Man holding a trophy rainbow trout

Chilko River Fly Fishing Season

The Chilko River fishing season starts mid-June to mid-September with the dry fly fishing season in July and August. We are blessed with the certain knowledge that the consistent dry fly action for large, scrappy Rainbows is second to none.

The river opens in mid- June when the wet fly fishing is excellent for both Rainbows and Bulltrout. At the end of June our dry fly season begins as the fish start looking up, throughout July and August the dry fly fishing is second to none. In September as the salmon move into the river, the Rainbows and Bulltrout start to feast on salmon eggs. In mid-September the river closes for fishing from a motor boat in respect of the spawning salmon.

Chilko Lake, Big, Bold, and Beautiful!

Chilko Lake is considered to be, by many, the most pristine and beautiful lake on the planet. Surrounded by the Coast Mountains and fed by glacial streams, Chilko Lake is the largest, high elevation lake in North America and in places reaches depths of over 1600 feet. It supports the 3rd largest run of Sockeye in British Columbia and both the river and lake are the natural spawning grounds and rearing habitat for rainbow trout, steelhead, bull trout, rocky mountain whitefish, sockeye, chinook, and Coho salmon. It is home to a healthy population of indigenous Bull Trout, Rainbows and the mythical White Sturgeon.

2 people enjoying the Chilko Lake
Bull Trout

Bull Trout

Bull Trout are built for predation and here we target these apex predators both on the Lake and in the Chilko River. They grow to trophy sizes and are often seen hammering shoals of salmon smolt on the lake and will even chase down hooked rainbows to the boat. They offer exciting sub-surface action. The average size of these predators is between 5-8lbs with much larger fish caught on a regular basis. You will fish off the banks of Chilko Lake using large streamers on sink-tip and full sinking lines on 6-7 weight rods. A day on the lake comes highly recommended and depending on weather conditions, we will get you up there to experience a little bit of paradise.

This fully guided fly fishing adventure will be the highlight of your year. Check dates now to ensure availability for your next trip. 

See For Yourself...

Want to see more of Tsylos’ Fly Fishing? Take a look at our Fly Fishing gallery of photos to help you really understand the amazing experience you’re about to embark on.  Click here to see all.


Many people think the fly fishing is the best in British Columbia for size, numbers, and energy, and the scenery is breath taking. I have done a lot of fly fishing, but catching large trout on dry flies on the Chilko is a real treat. The whole operation gets an A grade. Hugh Clark USA.

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