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Bear Photography
BC Certified Bear Photography Tour Guides
Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 20:50

A Great Wildlife Photography Trip Starts with Great Guides

Professional, Experienced, and Certified Bear Tour Guides of BC

Our experience of sixty years living and guiding in the Chilko area, guarantees you a fantastic trip with Professional, experienced, and certified bear guides. This area is our home and we look forward to sharing our love of the area and the passion for the bears and the many other species that call this area home. 

All of bear photography guides are experienced on the river and have the utmost respect for the area and the bears. This comes out with the care and attention to details during your trip. They will put you in the best spots for photographing the bears without disturbing them or compromising you or the bears safety. We offer you experienced wilderness guides for each three photographers. Your guide can position you for that perfect photo shoot; all you have to do is focus on the wildlife and getting the million dollar shot.

Young Grizzly Bears in the Blue hole a photographers dream

Photography Workshop Tour Guide

During the season we host well known professional wildlife photographers who chose only the finest places to take their guests, but, our own wildlife photographers are excellent and can give you many tips of taking the perfect photo, from lighting to shutter speed, to positioning your camera for the best shot. During your stay, wildlife is not the only fantastic pictures you can take here, the landscape photography is some of the finest and with no light pollution the nighttime scenes are fantastic. 

Photographing Mom and Cub grizzly Bears eat wild Salmon on the Chilko River

Respecting Chilko, Respecting the Wildlife

We know that it is very important for you to get great pictures of the bears and wildlife. Saying this, we will not do anything that jeopardized the bears and other wildlife’s safety, or yours. So we do practice wildlife photography ethics and do not allow baiting for wildlife, the use of flash cameras, nor will we harass bears with our boats. 

It is important to us to be respectful and to not scare the bears. Each time we approach a grizzly we respond according to the bear’s behavior. Some of the non-resident bears are spooky and scare easily. If they are spooky we back off to a distance they are comfortable with, if they are still not comfortable, we leave and go find another bear. 

Grizzly Bears are highly intelligent creatures, a lot smarter than dogs. They have distinct boundaries and rules. We respect their rules and boundaries and so far, they respect ours, including our property, horses, and equipment. It can be very compatible if respectfully managed, that is our goal and has been for years without incident.

Grizzly bear

Wildlife Camera Equipment & Lenses

It is important to us that you are getting great photographs. The right cameras and lenses will ensure you get the best opportunities during your stay. We will be photographing wildlife from approximately 50-100 meters away, so please bring photo gear that will cover this range and that will also allow you to photograph scenic and other wildlife. We recommended at least a 300mm lens, and if you have larger lenses, please bring them. You can expect your largest lens to get the most work. When you reserve the trip we will send you a full list of recommended items to bring including the best lens, clothing, etc. The bigger the lens, the more photos you get. 

Grizzly bear searching for salmon

What to Expect for Temperatures During the Fall Season

Weather at Chilko Lake in September to late October can range from warm and sunny to cold and wet ( 25 c --10 c) with possibilities of heavy winds, rain or snow.  Please pack accordingly. We are out on the water when photographing so temperatures can be 5-10 degrees cooler than they are. It is best to bring clothing that will keep you warm, dry, and wind proof.  Layers are best as you can put on or take off as weather conditions change during the day. We recommend clothing in natural colors like green, black, brown, not bright colors like yellow, orange, or red. Clothing that is quiet and doesn’t make loud noises when moving is best. We will send you a full list of recommended clothing, but also, don’t forget your swimsuit for the Jacuzzi. Sitting in the Jacuzzi at night viewing a million stars or the northern lights is fantastic.   

Keeping an eye out for Grizzly Bears along Chilko River