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Bear Photography
Small Group Bear Tour and Wildlife Holidays
Submitted by admin on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 20:54

Small Group Wildlife Holidays and Bear and Nature Photography Tours

Bear Tour Group Size

Our Grizzly Bear Photography Trips take a maximum of 9 photographers at a time with three guests to one guide.  We believe that smaller groups give a more intimate experience with the bears and give everyone a great photography opportunities as well as offering the least disturbance to the bears. Each boat takes four people, one guide to three photographers. Each photographer has ample room for positioning their tripod and camera. The Chilko is a wilderness photography mecca. Simply put, it’s the best place to see bears in Canada. 

Cross fox photographed at Tsylos Park Lodge

The Photographers Light

Depending the time of the season we have a hot breakfast before first light. Guests come to breakfast ready to go. As soon as breakfast is finished, we walk down to the dock and board the boats to catch the first photo light of the day. Each photographer brings with them a water proof boat bag with a selection of lens, backup battery, extra clothing, and any other essential items they may need during the day. Sometimes instead of boarding the boats, we take a photoshoot from the dock or in the yard, depending on the activity of the bears. Early morning on the river is cold, so excellent outdoor clothing is essential.

Horses drinking on Chilko River

Bear Boats

During the day we will be exploring the river and lake and looking for bears by boat. Sometimes this means that we are slowly combing the shores until we spot a bear feeding. We slowly advance towards the bear testing their response to our activity. If the bear is relaxed and comfortable we will move closer and position the boat for the best shots, if the bear is nervous, we remain a longer distance away, if the bear doesn’t relax we will move off to find another bear. We highly recommend long distance lenses for you to get the most photos. Depending on the light the morning photoshoot last from 3-5 hours. After an excellent morning photoshoot, we will take an afternoon break and return to the lodge. A big roaring fire and a hot tasty lunch is ready for your arrival, just in time to warm up and relax. After lunch is a good time to review and download your photos. In the afternoon we return to the river for the best light. 

Photographer uses long lens for close ups of Grizzly Bears

Afternoon Light Photoshoot

In the afternoon we head out on the boat to find and photograph additional bears. During your photoshoots there are other beautiful species to photograph from Eagles, Osprey, Heron, Moose, Black Bear, Salmon, Ducks, and if you are lucky a wolf or coyote. Many different species enjoy the feast of the salmon. At the end of the light, we return to the lodge in time for a delicious candlelit dinner, a roaring fire, and shared stories of the day.  
During the week we will take our large lake boat to explore Chilko Lake. During the day we will comb the mountains and shoreline for bear, wildlife, and landscape shots or try your hand at some eagle photography. We have lunch on a beautiful pristine beach, take a hike up to a picturesque lake, and enjoy the beauty of Chilko. 

Epic shots of Grizzlies and Salmon for photographers

Why Tsylos

In addition to our excellent and experienced guides, what sets us apart from other grizzly bear photography trips is the location itself. Our lodge is positioned on the northern end of Chilko Lake, on the Chilko River. Our front yard is the heart of the grizzly bears favorite fishing area. So during your stay you can watch them while having breakfast, taking your break, or relaxing on the deck. You can see them napping in the yard, swimming the river, or playing with their cubs. Chilko offers some of the most stunning wilderness vistas North America has to offer. The breathtaking landscapes and rich variety of wildlife you’ll see during your grizzly bear tours are a dream come true for photography enthusiasts of all stripes. 
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to disconnect from the fast-paced life and come visit us at Tsylos Park Lodge in British Columbia and experience an amazing small group bear and nature holiday photography adventure!

Photographers get a treat when two female Grizzly meet on the river