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The Best Guided Horseback Riding in British Columbia

Guided Trail Rides at Tsylos Park Lodge

Your horseback riding guide is there to ensure you get the best riding on your vacation. They are not only avid horse riders but experienced with the land, trails, and wildlife. They have years of experience to help you with riding, saddling, or just to have fun and enjoy the ride. Our Horseback Riding Guides are excellent at matching the personality and the rider’s abilities with the perfect horse. You could call them “Match Makers”, because the right rider and the right horse create a match made in heaven.  

Tsylos Guided Trails
Chilko Mountains on Horseback

Well Trained Horses For Your Tours On Horseback.

At Tsylos we have a herd of 45 horses that are well trained, fit, and willing. They have as much fun on the “roller coaster” ride as you will. The number one standard for our horses is attitude.  You can train everything else, but attitude is hard to change. Our horses are friendly and a joy to ride. The herd is a mix of many different breeds including Arabs, Quarter, Appaloosa, Paints, Draft, and Thoroughbreds. And you will be amazed at how well they do their job! We have many different types of horses to suit all different riders. No matter the breed of horse, our horses are chosen for their disposition, endurance, and strength. They are all very comfortable on the trail and in the mountains. A soft hand, a tasty apple treat, a nice brushing, and a good scratch is always welcome!

Western Horse Tack

At Tsylos we use the traditional western saddle and riding tack. Each horse is fitted with their own equipment. This is important to ensure that the proper saddle fits the horse. Each horses has its own well-fitting saddle, a soft saddle blanket that goes next to their back, and a thicker saddle pad for extra cushioning. A combination of snaffle and curb bits are used depending on each horse, and occasionally we use bosals. A halter and lead rope are used while riding to ensure that during lunch, the horses can be tied up for their lunch rest. 

horse crossing the river
Summere flowers

Recommended Horse Riding Clothing & Gear

We recommend for riding wear, is, whatever is the most comfortable for you too ride in. It’s your vacation. We ride in jeans, boots, shirt, and a Stetson. Many of our guests wear jodhpurs or other riding clothes. The most important item for both safety and comfort is a good riding boot with a heel. Tsylos supplies a pair of saddle bags for you to carry your personal items such as your water bottle, lunch, and camera. Saddle strings are on the back of western saddles where you can tie on your jacket and rain gear. We also highly recommend that you bring your own riding chaps and helmet. Although not required to wear a helmet, we do highly advocate it. The choice is yours. If you are not wearing a helmet, a western cowboy hat is a very useful tool as it is made from heavy felt. It offers protection from sun or rain, and branches.   For any rider under 16 years of age, a riding helmet is required. Young riders must be able to ride. 

See For Yourself...

Want to see more of Tsylos’ Lodge Riding? Take a look at our Lodge Riding gallery of photos to help you really understand the amazing experience you’re about to embark on. Click here to see all.

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Trail Horse Spring Tune Up

Trail Horse Spring Tune Up


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