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Small Group Western Horseback Riding at Tsylos Park Lodge in BC, Canada

Cross Country Riding & Trails

Your week of western horseback riding starts with a couple of days for you to get to know your horse and be comfortable in the saddle. By the end of the week we are traveling up to 25 km of cross country riding. We like to travel in all three gaits, walk, trot, and canter, and our guests agree that our riding days are a great mix. We think you will too!  For the shorter days in the beginning of the week, the earlier return to the lodge gives you a chance to go for a canoe ride on the river, a hike up the hillside, or relax on the deck or in the Jacuzzi. As the week progresses, we cover more distance and canter more. 

Cross Country Riding and Trails
Small Group Horseback Riding

Small Group Horse Riding for Advanced to Intermediate Skilled Riders

The key to a great riding week is small groups and similar riding levels. You will be joining a small group of intermediate to advanced riders. The lodge riding package requires that riders are comfortable at a walk, trot, and canter, able to mount and dismount your horse, and you are comfortable controlling your horse.  If you are a past intermediate to advanced rider and returning to the sport of horse riding, we highly recommend taking some lessons prior to your arrival at the lodge. We want you to have a fantastic trip and it will allow you to take advantage of all the great places to ride horses at Tsylos, without getting sore.  Keep reading to learn why Tsylos is one of the top destination dude ranches for experienced riders.

English vs Western Horseback Riding Styles

Many of our guests usually ride English. On your first day we will go over the key differences between English and Western horseback riding. You will find it will take a day or so to get the hang of it, but you will also find you will love the difference. By mid-week you will be a pro. A good rider is a good rider, regardless of the saddle they are riding in. 

English and Western Horseback Riding
Rider Weight Limits

Weight Limits of Riders

We love to connect the right horse for the right rider. To make sure that we have the proper horse for your height, weight, and riding ability, it is important that we know this at the time of booking. We have many different horses to choose from for a standard size rider up to 200 lbs. For riders above 200 lbs. please make us aware at the time of booking. We may not be able to accommodate you, or can only offer you a limited selection of horses. Short riders whose weight is 185 lbs. and over, if you are able to get on and off a standard size horse of 15 hands, it is not a problem. If you are limited to a short horse, again we are limited in the selection of horses for you. So please follow the following guidelines. 

  • For riders 200 lbs. and under, we have a number of horses to choose from.
  • For short riders weighing 185 lbs. and up, please check with us. If you are able to mount and dismount a 15 hand horse, we have many to choose from. If you are restricted to a short, narrow horse, we have a limited selection.
  • For riders over to 200 lbs. please check with us prior to booking to make sure we can accommodate you both for weight and riding ability. 

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Want to see more of Tsylos’ Lodge Riding? Take a look at our Lodge Riding gallery of photos to help you really understand the amazing experience you’re about to embark on. Click here to see all.

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Trail Horse Spring Tune Up

Trail Horse Spring Tune Up


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