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Horse Riding in Canada at Tsylos Park Lodge

The Chilcotin Mountains, Foothills, & Grasslands

Tsylos Park Lodge is located between the Pacific Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin Plateau. Surrounded by a million acres of stunning scenery, untouched wilderness, and hundreds of miles of wilderness horse riding trails, this land offers you a rich variety of excellent riding experiences. Each day brings you excitement, beauty and so much fun. Horse riding in Canada is exhilarating and adventurous. All you have to do is saddle up and ride. 

Josh and guide horse Joe
Horse and Chilcotin Mountain View

Chilcotin Mountains in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Sitting on the lodge deck while gazing at the Pacific Coast Mountains and the turquoise blue waters, of the Chilko is how we would describe it. But, it’s nothing compared to the experience of riding to the top of the adjacent mountain peaks. The view from the mountain top is incredible. You can see forever. During the ride up you will ride through ancient forests, alpine wildflowers, and cross snow fed creeks. Once at the top, we take some time to relax, breath in, and enjoy the view. You will be well taken care of by your sure-footed mountain trail horse. 

Explore the Chilko River Valley and Pacific Coast Mountains Foothills on Horseback

From the glacier fed Chilko Lake, Chilko River flows to the north. Surrounding the river is pine forests, rolling hills and ridges along our breathtaking blue green river. This area offers some exciting and engaging rides. Experience  “tree riding”, which is basically a curvy trail through the forest which we take at a fast trot or slow canter. It is great for stretching your riding ability and improving you confidence. We love it and you will too.  The “Roller Coaster Ride” is a ride you will definitely not want to miss. Tsylos is the top destination for Canada horse riding holidays.

Horse Riding trip along the Chilko River
Wilderness Horses

Wilderness Horse Riding in Chilcotin Plateau and Grasslands

To our north is Choelquote Lake. Surrounded by grasslands, wild meadows, rolling hills all framed by the backdrop of the Chilcotin Mountains. The wide open spaces make a great setting for long canters, feeling the wind in your face and the sun on your cheeks. Whichever ride we are on, you will be sure to have a great day of fabulous riding while surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Saddle Up for some Western Horseback Riding in BC. 

Exploring Chilko Lake by Boat

One day during the week, usually after the longest ride, we give the horses a rest and we take a boat and head up the lake to explore Chilko Lake. This fifty mile lake is surrounded by 10,000 foot jagged peaks and fed by glacial streams. While on the trip we look for Mountain Goat, Mule Deer, Moose, black Bear, or Grizzly Bears. We beach the boat and take a hike to a jewel of a hidden lake and beautiful waterfalls. The day is capped off with a tasty lunch on a pristine beach. Chilko is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful Lakes in North America. 

Exploring Chilko Lake by Boat

See For Yourself...

Want to see more of Tsylos’ Lodge Riding? Take a look at our Lodge Riding gallery of photos to help you really understand the amazing experience you’re about to embark on. Click here to see all.

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Trail Horse Spring Tune Up

Trail Horse Spring Tune Up


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