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Chilcotin Horse Pack Trips at Tsylos Park Lodge

Tsylos Park Lodge offers outstanding Horse Adventures. Our seven and fourteen night horse trail rides embrace the wild nature of Chilko Lake, stunning scenery, on excellent horses, in small groups of like-minded adventurous spirits, and hundreds of miles of great horse trails. Don’t forget your camera as the photo opportunities are world class. You can choose from the following horse trail rides:

  • Our seven night Goat Camp Trip – Jagged peaks and raw beauty abound, experience horseback riding into the pristine wilderness of Chilko Lake.
  • Our seven night Potato Range Wilderness Pack Trip – Mountains, meadows, and lakes.
  • Our Fourteen Night Combo Trip – Combine a week on a pack trip to Goat Camp or the Potato Range with a week at the lodge for a fourteen night combo trip. If you are really adventurous, book a twenty- one night trip and enjoy all that Tsylos Park Lodge has to offer on horseback. 
horsepack trip in british columbia
Horse Riding Chilcotin Mountains

The Small Group Wilderness Pack Trips –Everyone is part of the group

Small groups offer a great chance to get to know everyone and still maintain your individuality. Our pack trips take a minimum of six and a maximum of ten horse riders. The people you will meet, the camaraderie you will build, and the shared experiences while on the trail will become some your most valued memories. These trips are oriented more for adults and it is best if all riders are 16 years and older.  

The pack trips are great for singles as there is no single supplement on these trips. Also, due to the nature of the trip, everyone is part of the group whether you come alone, with a friend, spouse, or partner. All trips are exciting, fun and full of adventure for everyone.  Guests who visit Tsylos have a keen optimism and a sense of adventure for what lies around the bend. Are you one of these people?

Where Your Horse Riding Wilderness Adventure Begins

Your adventure begins on our twin engine charter flight from Vancouver, BC, to Tsylos Park Lodge. As the plane heads north, your view quickly changes from skyscrapers to the snowcapped peaks of the Pacific Coastal Mountains; ancient glaciers, vast forests, and hidden lakes lay sparkling in the sun, giving  you a hint of the staggering beauty and adventures to come. 

You will arrive at the lodge in time for a hot lunch and a refreshing drink.  After lunch the guides will give you an over-view of the week ahead. They will introduce you to your equipment and horse; go over safety tips for the trail, western riding instructions, and then head out for a short afternoon ride along the Chilko River.  Our first night is spent tent camping on the lodge property overlooking the beautiful and pristine Chilko River. On Monday morning we saddle up and head out on one of two wilderness pack trips either Goat Camp or Potato Range.

Horse Riding on Wilderness Pack Trip
Horses crossing river on a wilderness pack trip

Goat Camp – Jagged Peaks, Ancient Glaciers, Pure Wilderness Pack Trip

Goat Camp is named for the wild and hardy mountain goat, and like the mountain goats that live here, the Goat Camp Trip is a horse riding experience into a wild, rugged, raw, and breath-taking wilderness.  On Monday we ride along the shores of Chilko Lake to the first gorgeous camp of the trip. Arrive in time for a refreshing swim and a hot dinner. Listen to the haunting call of the loon, the crackling of the campfire, and maybe the sighting of moose or bear.  The next day our journey climbs from the shores of Chilko Lake to Goat Camp valley at 6500 feet elevation. Here we set up our base camp. Jagged peaks and ancient glaciers surround this mountain meadow with towering peaks up to 10,000 feet. We spend the next few days exploring the awesome and craggy beauty of these ancient glaciers and mountains. Returning to base camp in time to enjoy a glass of wine, watch the stars come out over the valley, and listen to the tinkling of the horse bells as they graze happily in this spectacular mountain valley.

  • There is time to relax, hike, photograph, and take leisurely breakfasts as we do not change camps every day.
  • Wildlife – Moose, Mountain Goat, Mule Deer, Bear, and Mountain Marmots make their home here.
  • The majority of the trip is spent walking your horse, due to the rough terrain, except the last day back to Tsylos Park Lodge where there is some trotting and cantering.
  • Riders must be physically fit, low intermediate rider to advanced riders, able to mount, dismount, walk, trot and canter.
  • Rides range from 9-10 hours the first day and 4-6 hours daily the rest of the trip. 

Potato Range –the Chilcotin Horse Pack Trip

First Nations legend says that a woman named Einyud once traveled across this range of mountains with her three children. Along her journey she spread the seeds of the wild potato, and thereby created the “Potato Range”. This circular trip combines the spectacular scenic beauty of the Pacific Coast Range Mountains as well as the faster riding of the Chilcotin Plateau. On this horseback trip our explorations take you across diverse mountainous terrain covering open plateaus and colorful valleys from one spectacular campsite to another. At the end of the day’s ride, you will camp adjacent to a pristine lake. There are plenty of photographic opportunities of magnificent sunsets, alpine wildflowers, scenic mountain landscapes, and untouched natural forests along the way. 

  • We change camps every day except one, where you can choose to spend a leisurely day in camp or join in that day’s ride.
  • The riding is primarily walking due to the terrain, but for the last two days the camp is transported by vehicle which offers the riders some opportunities to trot and canter depending on the group.
  • Riders must be in good physical condition, able to walk, trot, and canter, as well as mount and dismount their horse. This trip requires intermediate to advanced riding skills. On one day during the trip, you will hike down a steep mountain leading your horse for about 45 minutes.
  • Rides each day are from 4.5 to 6.5 hours per day. 

Come and experience one of the most exciting horse adventures in Canada at Tyslos Park Lodge.

2 Horses and Chilko Lake

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