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Travel Insurance – Protecting your Fly Fishing and Horseback Riding Vacation.

Travel insurance is necessary if you’re planning on taking a trip outside of your home country. It protects you from financial losses due to an emergency or an unfortunate event, like cancellations or natural disasters. Buying travel insurance can also protect you from potential financial hardships like the cost of medical care and hotel accommodations. For instance, it will cover expenses for any injuries or illnesses you sustain during your trip. If you’re interested in exploring new places and protecting yourself from unseen circumstances, read on for more reasons to purchase travel insurance before your next vacation.

Traveler Confused about Travel InsuranceWhere to Start with Travel Insurance

With so many providers and policies to choose from getting started can be a little overwhelming. Finding the plan that best meets your travel needs can make you want to scream When does it start? What does it include? How long does it cover me? To make this task easier let’s start with the basics definitions of travel insurance.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance policies offer protection against a variety of potential emergencies and losses while you’re traveling. These policies can help protect you from the costs associated with a medical emergency, lost or stolen belongings, and cancellations caused by natural disasters. The best travel insurance policies offer coverage for all these things, and more.

Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Put simply, there are four primary benefits that most customers need to see in any comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Cancellation Protection

Trip cancellation insurance reimburses you for non-refundable and/or non-transferable deposits on pre-paid travel arrangements and cancellation penalties that a transportation carrier or tour guide may charge.

Upgrade to Cancel for Any Reason.

Cancel for any reason travel insurance covers cancellations for non-refundable tickets, regardless of the reason for cancellation. This means that if something unexpected arises, such as an illness or a job change, travelers can cancel their trip and receive a refund from the insurance company. This type of travel insurance also covers other situations such as inclement weather, natural disasters, or even a change of heart.

‘Cancel for Any Reason’ Travel Insurance provides the most flexible option for cancellation and reimbursement. Remember that the coverage needs to be put in place quickly after the initial trip deposit.

As examples here are a few experiences that we want to share to help you see the benefits of Travel Insurance and why we think it’s important for you to purchase.

Case Study 1 – A father booked the lodge for his entire family to celebrate his birthday. Two days prior to the trip he was in a major car accident and could not go on the trip. He had full travel insurance. All his trip costs were covered by his insurance. Although he suffered injuries at least it didn’t include the financial loss of his trip expenses.

Interruption Protection

Trip interruption insurance covers extra costs if you need to return home sooner or later than planned and reimburses you for non-refundable and/or non-transferable portions of unused, prepaid travel arrangements.

Case study 2 – Two sisters booked a seven-night horse riding vacation. Their international flight was delayed, and they missed our charter flight. They were able to charter a private twin engine aircraft to fly them from Vancouver, BC into the lodge a day late. Their insurance coverage not only covered the cost of the charter flight but the extra costs of staying in Vancouver overnight.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance helps cover the costs of unexpected, emergency medical care while you’re travelling. “The costs can be significant in the event of a medical emergency, whether that be an accident or [getting] sick while you’re away.

Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation Cover

Medical Evacuation can provide coverage for transportation of a traveler to the nearest adequate medical facility in the event of a medical emergency during their trip.

Case Study 3 – A guest who joined us on a horseback riding vacation started to experience severe abdominal pain the first morning.  A couple of hours in on her horse ride she was bent over in severe pain.  Her insurance covered her for a helicopter flight to the nearest hospital. It also covered her medical expenses and her emergency surgery.

Know what’s covered by your Insurance plan

Before you leave on your trip, make sure you understand the extent of the coverage your policy offers. You may have to file a claim if your belongings are damaged or stolen while you’re away. If your trip is interrupted, you may have to pay for your own travel accommodations. Make sure you understand exactly what your policy will and will not cover. You should also read the fine print to see if there are any exclusions. Some policies require add on to cover certain types of trips, such as activities that involve horseback riding.

Wrapping up

Travel insurance can help protect you from financial losses during your trip. It can also help you get medical help if you need it. And, if something goes wrong while you’re traveling, your travel insurance provider may be able to help you file a claim. Travel insurance is an important part of planning a successful trip. Without it, you could be stuck if something goes wrong.

Tsylos Park Lodge has been conduction fly fishing, horseback riding, and photography vacations since 1957. We have seen first-hand the benefits of travel insurance have had for our guests. If travel and the wildlands are calling your then check us out at Tsylos to book your next vacation.

To get you started we have a list of insurance providers that can help you pick a policy that best meets your needs. Tsylos is not affiliated with any of these companies nor receive and compensation from them. Make sure you discuss your policies coverage to insure you are covered for adventure travel such as horseback riding, fly fishing or bear photography. Sometimes these activities are add ons to base policies.


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