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Horse Pack Trips
Guided Overnight Horseback Camping Trail Riding Trips
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Your Horse Trail Guides and Horses

Professional, Experienced And Friendly Horseback Riding Guides

Two trail guides will be accompanying you on your horse journey through the mountains.  Both guides are skilled horsemen, as well as experienced in horse riding in the mountains and wilderness. They love the outdoors and have absolute commitment to safety and attention to detail to give you peace of mind and a rewarding adventure. Each guide brings different skills and talents to the trip. One guide is in charge of the group, horses, horse packing, wood, water, fire, and grass, while the other guide is in charge of the camp, food preparation, packing of the cook boxes, and the care, organization, and cleanliness of the camp.  Each horse trail guide can step into the others position and help you or each other during the trip. 

Francesca in wildflowers overlooking Chilko Lake, BC

Horse Riding Wilderness Safety and Skills

Adventures are fun, at the same time we put a high value on the safety for you, the horses, and the guides. The guides on the pack trips are highly trained and experienced with horses, wilderness, mountains, camping, and first aid. Just to be on the safe side, we take a first aid kit, as well as an emergency satellite phone. The skill and experience of the guides will ensure that you and your horse make the trip safely while at the same time, having the best trip of your life.  

Over the years Tsylos Park Lodge developed a Horse Pack Trip training program to teach students backcountry horse travel and horse packing. Our guides are instructors for this course which includes a curriculum that gives individuals the necessary skills to become assistant guides in the industry. We invite you to take advantage of learning a new skill on your trip and further your own horsemanship education. 

Grassy Meadows on the wilderness pack trips

Best Clothing for Overnight Horseback Riding Camping Trips

There is a lot of thought, organization, and care that go into these horse expeditions into the mountains. The right clothing ensures that you stay comfortable and warm for your journey into the mountains and the wilderness, no matter what the weather does. At the same time you want to pack as light as possible for your horseback trip. When you reserve your trip we send you a “Trip Tips”, which is a list of essential items to bring. This list has been designed after years of horse riding in the wilderness. At any time or during any season, we can get bad weather in the mountains so the best way to ensure you stay warm and dry is to pack the right clothing.  

Relaxing on the shores of Choelquot, BC

The World’s Best Horses for Trail Riding in the Mountains

Our horses are well trained and excellent traveling companions in the mountains. Born and raised in the Chilcotin, they are connected with the terrain and are confident, sure footed and dependable. We are proud of our horses and can easily say that they are some of the most accomplished mountain horses anywhere. You will love them. They are personable, trustworthy, and know how to do their job. The horses are a mixture of many different breeds (Quarter, Arab, Draft, Appaloosa, Paints, Morgan) and they have been chosen for their disposition, willingness and agreeable personalities. 

Horseback Riders stop for a beautiful view

Horses and Horse Tack for Mountain Riding

On the first day of your pack trip, you will be introduced to your saddle horse and trail companion. We match you up with a horse that suits your personality and riding ability. Each horse comes with two saddle blankets, Western saddle, bridle, halter, lead rope and a set of saddle bags for you to carry light-weight items needed during the day. Your horse will take good care of you on your journey and, in turn, you will help take of your horse. Your horse will appreciate a good brushing in the morning and at the end of the day when you pull off your saddle. You are going to find that you will quickly bond with your horse. We all work together to ensure that the horses have plenty of sweet mountain grasses to eat and cold spring water to drink. Your horse trail guide will stake, hobble or free range the horses in the evening on meadows of excellent alpine grasses. 

Grazing the horses are an important part of every day