Enjoy Fly Fishing in one of the Most Beautiful Places On Earth . . .

7 Days of Fully Guided River Fly Fishing on the Secluded Chilko River, British Columbia

Limited availability – many of the dates for this season are already booked. We have spots open but in limited availability, so YOU NEED TO READ THIS IMMEDIATELY. If this trip is THE answer to your prayers, you aren’t too late! Get your booking request in now to secure your dates before they are gone.

Uncrowded. Stunning views. Healthy, wild trout. Personable, knowledgeable and friendly guides. . . and the food . . . wow!

Hello there, I’m Karen McLean, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to Tsylos Park Lodge. Many curious souls often ask me what sets this place apart, and I’m delighted to share the many reasons.  (You can find more details below). With over 60 years of cherishing this land, there are a few things that stand out: its breathtaking beauty, its pristine wild ecosystem that is still only governed by nature and not by man,  the blissful absence of crowds!

It’s truly challenging to find a locale more stunning than the Chilko River and Lake. Guests, having journeyed far and wide, find themselves captivated by the area’s natural splendour. As one guest aptly expressed it:

What I appreciate most about your river, Karen, is its serenity. Having fished across the globe, Chilko remains the most breathtaking place I’ve encountered. That’s precisely why I keep coming back.” Noble G.

What resonates consistently among our guests is the reliability of our fly fishing throughout the season. Chilko offers a steady stream of dry fly action, with trout nurtured in glacial waters, rendering them robust and spirited.

I’ve guided throughout B.C., and nothing compares to the Chilko River. The strength and vigor of the Chilko rainbows are something that can only be fully grasped when experienced firsthand. If you haven’t been here, you need to come and experience it for yourself!” Josh Reimer, Head Guide, Tsylos Park Lodge

Scrolling down and exploring this page, you’ll catch a glimpse of the wild, majestic rainbow trout we’re renowned for. I believe it will begin to unveil just how remarkable and unforgettable your journey with us can be.

You’ll understand why we’re proudly one of only two lodges in British Columbia to earn the prestigious “Orvis Endorsed Lodge” recognition. Our guests cherish the intimate, welcoming, ambiance we foster and the exceptional service that our team provides.

What our guests say from our “Anonymous Guest Survey 2023”:

Service, service service. Your every need is looked after and nothing is too much trouble should you need help. Everyone of your staff members were happy and wonderful to deal with. Pure enjoyment. As for accommodations, it was 5 star and totally unexpected in ‘the wilderness.’

From food to fish they get it all right. Friendly knowledgeable staff and exceptional hosts Karen shaped a culture of delighting customers and everybody adheres to it. It is hard to do and hard to maintain. Impressive.

Great fishing, outstanding service with a friendly crew!

The welcoming feeling and camaraderie of the guides and staff. They give 110%. They do everything well. Meals. Scenery.

We are genuinely one-of-a-kind and authentically ourselves.

So, I warmly invite you to join us. Unpack your bags, shut off your phone, and join us for the Tsylos Experience. You’ll love it as much as we do!

Big, wild, and healthy rainbow trout!

The fish are pretty big here on the Chilko River.

How big you ask?

While other places boast of “trophy fish” that are 10-12″, the average here at Chilko are a massive 16-18″.

It’s not uncommon to hook a 22-24″ rainbow! Imagine landing one of those!!

There is no stocking or fisheries, all the fish are wild. We believe in preserving and being good stewards, so all the fishing is catch-and-release. You can feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to protect these precious natural resources for future generations

The wild and native rainbow trout are known for their vibrant coloration, impressive size, acrobatic fighting skills, and eagerness to take large, visible dry flies.

Dry fly action is consistent throughout the season and the Stonefly hatch is exciting. Sometimes the fish come straight out of the water to hit them!

As they say, “Big fly, big fish.

Trophy Rainbow Trout fly fishing on the Chilko River BC

Look at the fishing and the river that is waiting for you. Watch this video now . . .

British Columbia, Canada is known for it’s breathtaking beauty. Nestled in millions of acres of pristine wilderness is Tsylos Park Lodge. Located on the banks of the Chilko River, this fifty-mile turquoise-blue lake is surrounded by ancient glaciers and raw untouched beauty.

Family owned and run, in operation for 60+ years at Chilko, the lodge offers its guests a welcome retreat to the unspoiled beauty of the Canadian Wilderness.

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s unspoiled wilderness, Tsylos Park Lodge offers unparalleled dry fly fishing for wild rainbow trout, set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Want a “bucket list” fish? How would it feel to land one of these Bull Trouts?

For many, the Bull Trout is a bucket list fish. We have had some of the most seasoned fishermen from different parts of the world wanting to experience the beauty of Chilko Lake and the thrill of catching bull trout.

Could you imagine catching a 38″ bull trout?!!

Imagine the bragging rights and beating this guy?!!

Our seasoned guides can put an unfair advantage in your corner.

Would you like it if this was you releasing this fish in this video? How would it feel?

“Does it get any better?”

I often look back at the pictures from the trip, and long to return to the Chilko River. While I would come back for the fishing alone, I must add that the friendly and attentive staff, the great meals, the beautiful lodge, and the spectacular setting left me wondering – does it get any better? The seven days of sunshine was icing on the cake. John Ovcacik

Expert and Friendly Guides

Our guides are passionate and as addicted to fly fishing as you are. A good guide can make or break a trip. I’m sure you have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. I bet you have a good story or two you could tell!

We are proud of the guides we have. We are constantly told by our guests how incredible they are. Led by our head guide, Josh Reimer who has been here 21 years and counting. He knows this area like no other. Our guides are:

  • Flexible, attentive, knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Fly fishing is what they love to do.
  • Know what flies to use, the best way to fish and cast the fly, the best places in the river to fish.
  • You have your own guide for 2 people for the day and you have the freedom to do what you want – if you want to come in for a nap, and go back out again, you can. Want to take a walk or a hike? You can.
  • Fishing options are lake trip, drift boat, jet boat, float tubes, or wading.

Tsylos Park Lodge river fly fishing with expert guides on Chilko River BC

The Lodge

The lodge is right on the river and accommodates a maximum of eight fisherman at a time. If you have a larger group or a corporate event and want the entire lodge, we can accommodate up to fourteen guests.

To get to the river, grab a cup of coffee or your gear, walk out the back and it’s right there.

Our guest cabins and suites are well appointed with nice fluffy towels, Egyptian cotton sheets, and down duvets. Each cabin or suite is unique and has its own private bathroom. The cabins accommodate different group sizes from two to five people.

Guests tell us how much they enjoy hearing about the history and how the lodge was made by hand by us, by my family, and by indigenous people in the area. There was nothing out here when we built it. We felled the logs, dragged them back and built this beautiful lodge. You will feel part of it. We’re proud of it. It is beautiful, cozy and warm.

Tsylos Park Wilderness Lodge

Canada Fly In Fishing Trips — All-Inclusive Rates & Package Details

Seven Night Fly Fishing Package — Sunday to Sunday — USD$6295.00* per person plus taxes

Package Includes:

  • Return flights from Vancouver to Tsylos (charter aircraft)
  • 7 nights’ accommodations*
  • All meals, including wine with dinner
  • 6 1/2 days of guided fly fishing
  • One guide for each two anglers
  • Lake trip and drift boat trip (weather and river conditions dependent)
  • Canoes and kayaks available, horseback riding can be arranged with prior notice

What Makes Tsylos Park Lodge and Chilko Special and Unique?

It’s So Beautiful Here! Our guests have travelled the world in search of the best fishing spots, from the rivers of New Zealand and Argentina to the wilds of Alaska and Montana. But time and time again, they tell us that Chilko River, right here in British Columbia, is the true gem of them all and that it is even more magnificent than Alaska.

Uncrowded:  We created this with you in mind. Tsylos is in the heart of millions of acres of Canadian wilderness. It is far away from cities and it is not easy to get here by car. While it happens sometimes, it is rare to see other anglers on the river. And the rivers are so large and with so many unknown and secret fishing spots that our guides know, you will feel like the river is just yours for the week.

The Fish! You’ve probably figured that out by now. There are only wild, healthy fish here. No fisheries and no stocking. Every fish is like a trophy fish.

You Are Right On The Water: While many other places have a “short drive” that can be 10 minutes to an hour, we are right on the river. Walk out the back of the lodge and you’re on the dock. That is super convenient in case you want to come back for a refreshment or a quick nap, or have an early morning coffee gazing at the water.

Expert and Friendly Guides: Our guides know this area. They know the best places to fish. The best flies to use. They are true experts. They are incredibly friendly and passionate about what they do. We are so proud of them. You will love them. There are just 2 fisherman per guide. They are yours. You have freedom to do what you want.

Friendly Staff: We take great pride in our service. Our people are friendly, helpful and available for you.

You Are Like Family: We are family owned and operated. That’s a big reason why we are constantly told that there is a sense of belonging and camaraderie here. The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious. We have a lot of successful people from around the world that stay with us, but you would never know it. People feel like they’ve found their tribe with other guests and with our staff. At dinner, we all sit together at the table and eat as one big happy family. You might arrive as a stranger, but leave as a friend and part of our family. 

Private and Intimate Experience: The lodge is small and intimate, with a maximum occupancy of eight fisherman per week and fourteen guests total. When Orvis was awarding us the prestigious “Orvis Endorsed Lodge”, they commented how warm it was here. Tyslos Park Lodge is the perfect destination for a group of friends or family looking for a private river fly fishing experience.

The Food! . . . Oh my goodness, if you are a foodie, you will LOVE the food!! It is NOT cafeteria food. It is gourmet prepared by our own private chef. Whether it is the aroma from fresh cut steaks sizzling on the fire, or the incredibly delicious and well-deserved dessert, whatever meal we have, you will love it. We also pair wines with the meals to make it an exceptional experience. We have been told that the place settings with the fresh cut flowers and cloth napkins were exquisite. And yes, we also cater to special food diets, just let us know when you book your stay!

Unplugged: You will hear your breath again. Visits are about more than just fishing – they’re a chance to escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with nature. There is no cell phone reception, so no endless messages, texts or emails. It’s just you and nature. Soak up the breathtaking views of the Canadian wilderness, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let the peacefulness of the surroundings wash over you. We have watched many executives, CEO’s, owners, go from stressed and being wound tight to being totally relaxed and at ease. Watching smiles return to guest’s faces after 2-3 days of being unplugged makes our hearts warm. We do have wifi in the office so you can be reached in case of a dire emergency.

FAQ Section

What does a typical day look like?

Here’s a typical day – wake up, grab a cup of coffee, walk to the dock or go for a quick hike. Breakfast is at 8:30am. After breakfast gear up and head out fishing for the day. Your guide has your lunch, drinks and snacks packed for the day. Lunch is at your convenience and eaten riverside. After a full day of fishing arrive back at the dock at 5:30 for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres waiting for you in the lodge, relax and unwind before diner at 7pm.

After dinner, guests typically play cards or board games, relax, sit in the jacuzzi, or gather at the bar or outdoor decks talking and telling stories with the other guests and staff. You can enjoy an after-dinner walk and take in the beauty and quietness of the areas. The stars are unbelievable here. In the heart of summer, it gets light at 6am‘ish and dark around 11pm.

When is the fly fishing season?

The fly fishing season opens June 11 until the first week in September.

Dry fly fishing season is typically the first week of July through mid-September.

Recommended fly fishing gear:

For the Chilko River, we recommend:

  • 5-6 weight rod and matching reel with a good drag system, 
  • floating line with 100 yards of backing. 
  • 2x to 3x tapered leader and tippet

 For Chilko Lake, we recommend: 

  • 6-8 weight rod and matching reel with a good drag system,
  • 25 foot type 6-8 sink tip or a full sink line. 
  • 1x to 2x leader and tippet.

 General gear:

  • Waders and boots, 
  • sunglasses, 
  • wading jacket, 
  • hat and warm clothes, 
  • plenty of sunscreen.

We keep quality Orvis fly rods and reels at the lodge for your complimentary use in case you need a backup rod. We also have extra felt soled boots, but be sure to request this prior to the trip to make sure we have the right size for you.

When you reserve your trip we send you the Fly Fishing Trip Tips that gives more details on recommended items to bring for your trip.

The Chilko Fly Shop: If you need or forgot something, we’ve got you covered. We keep a well-stocked fly shop at the lodge with wet and dry flies, leaders, tippet, flotant , hats, fleece jackets and vests, fly fish shirts, t-shirts, and Buffs.

What is the food like?

If you are a foodie, you will LOVE the food!! It is NOT cafeteria food. It is gourmet prepared by our own private chef. Whether it is the aroma from fresh cut steaks sizzling on the fire, or the incredibly delicious and well-deserved dessert, whatever meal we have, you will love it. We also pair wines with the meals to make it an exceptional experience. We have been told that the place settings with the fresh cut flowers and cloth napkins were exquisite.

And yes, we also cater to special food diets, just let us know when you book your stay!

Do I need a fishing License?

Yes, you will need to have a two valid fishing license to fish the Chilko River and Chilko Lake. A Freshwater Angling license and a Classified Waters license. We can have these ready and waiting for you at the lodge when you arrive. Upon booking we will gather the necessary information to obtain your license.

What is included?

Your package at Tsylos Park Lodge includes:

  • Round trip private air charter from Vancouver Airport to a nearby landing strip and transportation to the lodge (flights in and out are on Sundays only),
  • 7 nights accommodations, 
  • 6 ½ days of guided fishing (one guide per two anglers)
  • All meals including wine with dinner
  • Lake trip and drift boat trip (weather and lake conditions permitting)

We are happy to answer any questions while you’re reserving your dates.

What is not included?

Not included in your package at Tsylos Park Lodge are:

  • personal fishing rods, reels, waders and tackle, (We have loner equipment if needed, please check with us first to ensure size and availability)
  • air charter or ground transfers other than on Sundays if needed, 
  • gratuities, 
  • alcoholic beverages other than wine with dinner
  • items of personal nature and any lodging or meals not provided at Tsylos Park Lodge.

We are happy to answer any questions while you’re reserving your dates.

What about travel insurance?

All deposits and paid trips through Tsylos or agents are non-refundable.

We do highly recommend getting travel insurance in order to protect you and the best interests of others travelling with you. Check out our blog on Travel insurance and protecting your trip.  It is impossible to know when an unfortunate event (loss of luggage, fly rods, illness in the family, or an accident) may occur. However, we have been in business long enough to have seen such things happen, and this insurance can provide a means of recourse against non-refundable financial losses. We highly encourage guests to get travel insurance.

Trophy Rainbow Trout

Get ready for big, beautiful, wild and strong Rainbow Trout!

Uncrowded, pristine Chilko River and Chilko Lake, BC, Canada

Tsylos is an Orvis Endorsed Lodge

Tsylos Park Lodge is an Orvis Endorsed Lodge.  After being visited and vetted by the representatives of Orvis, who only pick the best lodges worldwide, we became one of only two lodges in British Columbia that is Orvis Endorsed. Our Wilderness lodge met their high standards of excellence in service, professionalism, and commitment to conservation. You can rest assured you are in good hands with a variety of excellent fly fishing opportunities.

Booking Request

Seven Night Fly Fishing Package – Sunday to Sunday – $6295 USD per person plus taxes. See pricing section above, or contact us for full package information.

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