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Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures

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The Chilcotin Plateau & Ts'il-os Provincial Park, B.C.

It has taken Mother Nature millions of years to carve out the jagged peaks of the Coast Mountains; creating hidden valleys to explore, waterfalls and roaring creeks and sweet mountain springs to drink. To top it off she sprinkled over the land lush grasses and multi-coloured wildflowers, she inhabited it with the Grizzly Bear, Mountain Goat, Moose, and the Mule Deer. She filled the rivers and lakes with thousands of fish and the sky with millions of stars.

The Chilcotin is wild, remote and fairly isolated. It is a land peopled by those with a strong sense of independence, strength of character, good humor, and a lot of determination. A land of log cabins and wood smoke, snake fences and pick-up trucks, slower time zones, and a never empty coffee pot. Seldom visited and largely untouched, the Chilcotin is like a rare gem. Few people have discovered it, but once discovered, it is rarely forgotten. There are a few areas in the world as beautiful to explore.

Ts'il-os Provincial Park

Established in January of 1994, Ts'il-os Provincial Park comprises approximately 233,000 hectares of rugged mountains, clear blue lakes, glaciers, alpine meadows, and waterfalls. It is bordered by the rugged peaks of the Coast Mountains to the west, and the dry Interior Plateau to the east. The diversity and contrast in landscapes and vegetation are a result of a rainshadow effect on the east side of the mountains. While the northern and eastern portions of the park are relatively dry, the south end of Chilko Lake is characterized by moist areas of the coastal western hemlock zone.

The provincial park was established in January of 1994 as a wilderness area set aside to protect vegetation, wildlife and fish habitats, cultural values, and special features. The diverse ecosystems in the park remain largely undisturbed by human activity, making this park an ecologically significant area in the province. Chilko Lake, the largest, natural high-elevation freshwater lake in Canada, dominates the park. Stunningly beautiful, due to its blue-green hues and dramatic mountain backdrops.

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