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Tsylos Park Lodge & Adventures

P.O. Box 2560, Williams Lake,
British Columbia, Canada V2G 4P2
tel: 1.250.483.4368
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Mountain Pack Trips & Combo Trips

The Trips

On Sunday morning your adventure begins as your fly from Vancouver over the amazing view of the Coast Mountains and British Columbia.  You will arrive at Chilko Lake and our lodge in time for a tasty lunch and a cold drink. After lunch we gather everyone on the deck and go over the week ahead. We get you set up with your equipment, tent, duffel bag, sleeping pad, saddle bags, and your trusted cup.  Once everyone is ready we head to the barn to introduce you to your horse, safety tips for the trail, saddling tips, western riding instructions, and then we go for an afternoon ride. The ride is mainly to make sure that you and your horse and saddle are a great fit for the week. We are back at the lodge in time for a cold drink and a delicious dinner.   You will stay the first night on the lodge property in tent accommodations overlooking the beautiful Chilko River.

On Monday morning we saddle our horses and pack our gear on the pack horses and head out. No matter what trip you choose below the photo opportunities are some of the best in the world, amidst rugged glaciers, mountain meadows, alpine flowers, crystal clear lakes and streams, and wildlife. Each Trip is very beautiful, but different.  Read below to choose between our Goat Camp Trip, the Potato Range Trip, and the Lodge/ Pack Trip Combo, a fourteen day vacation that combines the best of both worlds!

Goat Camp

We travel along the shores of Chilko Lake , before we climb up to our Goat Camp base at 6,500 feet. Rugged peaks surround the valley and tower at about 10,000 feet. From the base camp we spend the next few days exploring the awesome and rugged beauty of Goat Camp.  This trip offers plenty of time to relax, hike, photograph wildflowers, and wildlife. Mountain Goat, Mule Deer, Bear, and Mountain Marmots make their home here.  Goat Camp is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. After exploring by horseback the many mountain peaks and valleys, you return to base camp in time to enjoy a glass of wine, watch the stars come out over the valley, and listen to the tinkling of the horse bells as the munch happily in this spectacular mountain valley. The majority of the trip is walking, due to the terrain except the last day back to Tsylos Park Lodge where there is some trotting and cantering!! The majority of the trip is walking, due to the terrain and the packhorses, except the last day back to Tsylos Park Lodge where there is some trotting and cantering!!

The benefits to Goat Camp besides its stunning beauty and pure pristine wilderness, leisurely breakfasts, dont have to pack your gear every day, a little more time to be a little lazy.

Potato Range

The First Nations Legend says that a woman once traveled across this range of mountains planting wild potatoes, thus the name "Potato Range". This circular trip combines the spectacular beauty of the Coast Range Mountains as well as the faster riding of the Chilcotin Plateau. Our explorations will take us from one spectacular campsite to another. Each camp is nestled adjacent to a pristine lake. We change camps all but one day. The riding speed is primarily at a walk until the last two days where we will do some trotting and cantering. On the last two days we drop down to the Tatlayoko Valley, and the camp is met by the truck. The truck transports the camp so we are able to canter the last couple of days of the trip. This is a beautiful trip, with amazing vistas and blankets of wildflowers!

Lodge and Mountain Trip

Join us for a two week adventure combining the lodge riding and one of our pack trips (Goat Camp or Potato Range) for an overall spectacular unique adventure. The lodge riding is perfect for intermediate riders allowing us to enjoy great canters through the forests or across open meadows. Each day we ride a little bit further and a little bit faster.

We like to travel in all three gaits and think that our riding days are a great mix. For this trip you will be staying at Tsylos Park Lodge and returning back home to a wonderful evening meal, cold drinks, time by the fireplace and a relaxing hot tub under the stars. Read more...

The second week we will take you into the majestic Coast Mountains and explore the vast wilderness and whether you choose to spend it at Goat Camp or on the Potato Range these two weeks will be an experience you will never forget.

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