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The Tsylos Adventure Vacation Experience...

Submitted by admin on Wed, 07/20/2016 - 20:05

It starts when you book your trip. It’s the fun of picking out all of the little things that will make your adventure unique to you.  Maybe it’s a new fly rod, a pair of new riding boots, or a really cool camera lens for that perfect photograph of a grizzly bear. It might be as simple as a really good book you have been wanting to read.

Your Trip Begins in the Beautiful City of Vancouver, British Columbia.

You arrive in Vancouver, B.C.—one of the most beautiful cities in the world—from where ever you've come. The stunning backdrop of the city boasts the Pacific Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Since you have to be here on your way to Tsylos, you can enjoy all the great spots to eat, sleep, drink, shop, and have fun! This is simply the appetizer of your vacation.

Your Adventure Begins on the Flight to Tsylos...

You've just gotten onto a chartered plane. As the plane takes off from Vancouver, your view changes from sky scrapers, and manmade landscapes and turns to the stunning beauty of nature—a world of blue skis, snow-capped peaks, canopies of untouched forests, and glaciers that have carved out valleys over millions of years. Your eyes get to feast on hidden mountain lakes, glistening in the sun like hidden jewels.

As the miles fly by, you can let go of your stress.  Visually and mentally, bag up your worries, and throw them out the window.

Before you know it, you're landing at Tsylos Park Lodge on the north end of Chilko Lake, a 52 mile-long strip of sparkling blue water fed by glacial streams and surrounded by majestic peaks. And that is only the beginning...

Here nature offers you excellent fly fishing, horseback riding, hiking and hunting. Whatever adventure you experience, we guarantee that Tsylos will give you the opportunity to disconnect from the fast-paced world and reconnect with yourself, your family, your friends, and nature in a way that no where else can. Enjoy the Vacation of a Lifetime

The freedom of saying “I am on vacation, and I am not available for the next week” and meaning it!

Tsylos offers you something truly unique in today's word: a real chance to disconnect. You’re not available by cell phone, email, or blackberry. How freeing is this!  No cell phone, no email, no blackberries. That means that you have the perfect excuse to take a true vacation that allows you to take a mental, physical, and emotional break. 

Here at Tsylos, we don’t have cell phone access for any reason. Don't worry though. If there is an emergency they can always get a hold of the lodge, but you set the perimeters of what defines an emergency.  We are great at fielding so-called “emergency calls”.

Ready to Pick your Adventure?

What else makes Tsylos unique? Find out!